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Embracing the Challenge,
Leading the Charge

“We need to expose students to all aspects of technology — both its legal aspects and its legal uses. Schools like Chase that embrace that challenge are leading the charge. Many others seem institutionally incapable of tackling it.”

Marc Lauritsen
President, Capstone Practice Systems, co-chair, ABA eLawyering Task Force, former director of clinical programs, Harvard Law School.

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Professor Jennifer Kreder / Art Law

"The art law field involves not only litigation but it also involves international law; it can touch upon copyright, trademark.  It can involve issues dealing with Native American tribes, protection of endangered species.  So the range of interest impacted by art law is tremendous.  And my particular specialty … I focus on history."

Jennifer Kreder
Professor of Law

Professor David Singleton / Public Interest Law

"I love teaching students how to be lawyers, how to practice, how to become practice ready.  I am a public interest lawyer; I have been a public interest lawyer for over 20 years.  I get really excited when I have students who are eager to learn from me and to see how to become that fearless advocate, that tireless advocate."

David Singleton
Assistant Professor of Law
Executive Director, Ohio Justice & Policy Center
Director, Chase Consitutional Litigation Clinic

Transactional Law Practice Center

"We have a very strong bench of faculty that teach the basic doctrinal courses in a very solid manner. In addition …Chase has been particularly focused on building and developing practice oriented education."

Eric Alden
Associate Professor of Law

"These are the things you really have to know; this is where the rubber hits the road.  It's not just really have to understand how you would do this in a real live situation with a client."

Barbara Wagner
Assistant Professor of Law
Director, Small Business & Nonprofit Law Clinic

Chase Clinics

"It's a partnership model, so the students and I do everything together. You know we're really as a group intensely interested in what's happening to children and youth in our community.  And then we go out to provide services to them."

Amy Halbrook
Assistant Professor of Law
Director, Children's Law Center Clinic