About NKU Chase College of Law

Prepare for the Future of Law

The Digital Revolution ushered in exciting and complex legal problems that require an upgraded, sophisticated lawyer to solve. At NKU Chase, we deliver a distinctive legal education designed to transform you into a next generation lawyer.

Learn from Leading Scholars, Experts, and Practitioners

Drawing upon our diverse community of nationally recognized scholars, leading experts in specialized fields, and distinguished practitioners, our faculty members will engage you with an intellectually stimulating education in legal theory and practice.

Be at the Center of a Forward-Thinking Academic Environment

The modern lawyer is a specialist; a legal expert navigating both the business and profession of lawyering with a fertile legal mind. Before you specialize, take time to explore your curiosity in a rich and innovative academic environment.

NKU Chase Law + Informatics Institute

Learn how to navigate the labyrinth of laws, regulations, business practices, and public policy implications of new technologies and information systems.

Transactional Law Practice Center

Learn how to structure and negotiate deals, effectuate a transaction, counsel business clients, and draft documents to reflect those deals.

Center for Excellence in Advocacy

Learn litigation strategies and techniques, improve your presentation skills, and discover the art of persuasion through innovative courses and programming.

W. Bruce Lunsford Academy for Law, Business + Technology

Uncover the big picture. While studying the law, develop financial acumen, apply data analytics, and develop project management and practical technological skills to compete in a hyper-efficient, hyper-networked legal and business community.

Learn First-Hand through Clinics, Field Placements and Pro Bono Service

You will have a variety of unique opportunities to become engaged in legal thinking and practical application.

Children’s Law Clinic

Represent children and youths in actual cases involving a variety of matters such as status offenses, high-conflict custody disputes, educational concerns, or delinquency actions.

Small Business and Nonprofit Law Clinic

Gain experience in transactional practice by helping clients choose an effective business structure, drafting concepts, and advising corporate and nonprofit clients on legal and finance issues.

Semester in Practice Program

Devote an entire semester toward learning professional skills in an actual practice setting. Gain invaluable experience in the practice areas and locations in which you want to practice.

Kentucky Innocence Project

Perform the functions of an Assistant Public Advocate by investigating cases of inmates claiming to be innocent of the crimes for which they have been convicted.

Constitutional Litigation Clinic

Litigate civil rights cases on behalf of prisoners and former offenders in Ohio state and federal courts. Handle all aspects of cases, from client interviews through trials and appellate brief writing and argument.

Field Placement Clinics

Gain valuable legal experience in actual practice settings under the direct supervision of an experienced attorney.  Increase your understanding of the lawyer’s role in the real world and discover your professional interests.

Pro Bono Service Program

Gain legal skills providing much needed legal services in public interest organizations, in the public sector, or with private practitioners where the work is performed at no cost or at a reduced fee to those typically denied access to the legal system.

Prepare, Participate, and Practice in an Ideal Venue

Located in a socially savvy metropolitan area with a diverse legal market, NKU Chase is an ideal venue for a next generation lawyer. You will live and study in close proximity to law firms, courts, and governmental agencies which are essential to your educational experience and professional development. The Greater Cincinnati metropolitan area’s welcoming community, along with its cultural and social vibrancy, provides the perfect balance for your life inside and outside of the classroom. Our location serves our students well.

Mission Statement

Since 1893, NKU Chase College of Law has educated individuals who make immediate contributions to the legal profession and to their communities.  With a collegial, student-centered environment in full-time and part-time programs, Chase provides an intellectually rigorous education in legal theory and professional skills; offers practical training through its curricular offerings, co-curricular programs, and specialized centers; and instills the ideals of ethics, leadership, and public engagement.


NKU Chase College of Law is a law school approved by the Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar of the American Bar Association. For more information on ABA approved law schools, contact:

Office of the Consultant on Legal Education
Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar
American Bar Association
321 N. Clark Street, 21st Floor
Chicago, IL 60654
Phone: (312) 988-6738